Loro Ciuffenna is a very small village about 60 minutes south of Florence and was a perfect place to have as our home base for the week in Tuscany while we visited various hill towns.

The timeshare was once an old mill and was next to a beautiful little waterfall that was just below our always open bedroom window and terrace doors.Needless to say, the sound of the water lulled us to sleep each night after our busy days.

Our apartments was on the top left – overlooking the falls

The little village was just 400 meters from our place
Hand rolled pasta!
Lots of laughs during the class with Anne and Richard

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this place and met lots of nice people from the USA and Australia. There were certainly lots of laughing during the week.


The first town on our agenda was Siena. This clean and somewhat “beige” town had the traditional large square (piazza) and Duomo (church). The streets / laneways were narrow and full of little restaurants and shops.

Notice the stripes – a sign of the times

Anne fit right in with the colour scheme of the city
A quiet little alley

Siena was a nice city but I new there were likely more charming little towns to discover.

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