Amalfi – Culture Discovery – Days 5 – 7

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The final few days of my stay at the villa were filled with so much fun, food, and exploring that it was hard to capture it all here without making this a novel. Below is a summary of the last few days. Most of the pictures are “snap shots” and not photos that focused on composition, however, I believe they illustrate the wonderful moments we all had.

Positano, Processo, and Party!

We took a leisurely afternoon boat ride to Positano to do a bit of shopping. On the way we stopped at the Emerald Grotto (no pictures) and this little cove.

A little stop on our boat to look at an arch over the water.
Sophia Loren’s home which she just sold.
A view of Positano
Sisters Jan and Carol
A little dip to cool off before the Prosecco started to flow.
Sophie, our amazing host for the week, ducking away from the prosecco.
Party time!
Beautiful sunset on the boat
The little restaurant on the beach where we stopped for dinner
After dinner smile – a great night!

The next day we relaxed by the pool, were served “street food” of the area and learned how to make mozzarella!

Sophie, our leader, relaxing before our next class
So light and delicious. Did not taste like fried food.
Trying to make mozzarella “balls – without a tail. Harder than you think.
The group – after the mozzarella class

We were invited to Minori, a small town near our villa to make Limoncello.

Carol Mansi is known for making the best Limoncello on the Amalfi Coast. And such a nice guy!
Important to use only the rind of unripened lemons. The rest of the lemon gets tossed as it would too bitter for anything. We also received a “starter kit” with rinds, pure alcohol and recipe for home.
He also makes melonchello, pistachiochello, and limoncello cream (my favourite)

Then off to lunch to the restaurant of the most famous pastry chef in Italy – Salvatore De Riso. His restaurant and factory is in Minori – he delivers to restaurants all over.

I have never seen so many desserts. Delicious!

We also toured a 500- year old winery called Tenuta San Francesco which is owned and operated by 4 individuals.

The wine was delicious (even the red)
Within a week these will be handpicked for wine

Ravello was the next stop. It is a small town high above the Amalfi Coast and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This small town had a couple of beautiful villas that were open to the public.

A view of the Amalfi Coast
Beautiful buildings and gardens with a view

You can see our villa at the middle -right side of the picture – pink villa with swimming pool
Friendly local artist who made me laugh

Then we had the highlight of our cooking classes – PIZZA!

Peppi – our incredible chef and instructor
Everything you need to make the incredible dough. “Manitoba” flour, water, salt, sugar and yeast.
Getting into it!

Grinding the tomato’s for the sauce.
Into the oven!
OMG. Sooooo good!
This is the family that made the week so special (Sophie was missing from this pic)

I had so much fun this week. Sophie, Claudia, Peppi, Antonio, and the whole family were so kind, generous, knowledgeable. They truly treated us as family.

The other guests quickly became like friends that I have known a lifetime. I will never forget this experience – ever. Thank you all.

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